All About Cate

I am a 30-something stay-at-home mom. I have 1 & 2 year old little boys who are crazy-busy. They both have me wrapped around their little fingers. I am the wife of the most perfect husband. He’s a very patient man. I live a beautiful life in Ottawa with my beautiful little family. Oh ya….and I’m bald.


One response to “All About Cate


    I saw some of your cards on SCS and it let me to your blog. Thanks for being so open about yourself and your life! I’ve just realized that perhaps I too have the “allergy to cold”, I’ve had it for years, particularly my legs. I couldn’t understand why i’d get big raised patches of itchy blotchyness every time i came in from the cold! I get it on my face and neck sometimes too (especially if uncovered)…my legs can be covered but I still get it! Gaaaaahhhh, enough to make me itch just thinking about it! WHo knew! While it doesn’t change anything, it at least makes some sense! And it is like hives, just bigger! as an adult i am developing allergies and don’t know why! I’m in Alberta, so it’s not like i’m gonna escape the cold here either! And your kids are so CUTE! Anyhoo, thanks for sharing!

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