sticky tape

hubby got up before me this morning, and went to get the boys who were awake and playing in their cribs. i could hear the boys’ squeals of excitement and “good mor’ing daddy!” as he opened their bedroom doors down the hall.
Zander: where mommy?

hubby: mommy’s still sleeping.

Zander: i go wake up mommy! in a bedroom!

i hear the sound of little Zander feet coming down the hall.

Zander: [as he enters the bedroom] hmmm…around he’e somewhere! [he peeks over the top of the mattress on hubby’s side of the bed] MOMMY!

me: come over here and i’ll help you get up onto the bed (our bed is pretty high, and he’s still figuring out how to climb it safely…he’s a little daunted by the height)

i help Zander up onto the bed beside where i’m lying

Zander: mor’ing mommy! [he gives me a hug and a kiss, and then sits back up and stares at me, looking puzzled] mommy have sticky tape a nose!

i had to think about that one for a bit

me: [after remembering that i was wearing a Breath Right Strip] yup. mommy wears sticky tape on her nose when she sleeps.

Zander: ouch. mommy have booboo!

me: no, mommy doesn’t have a booboo. mommy’s nose is always stuffy, so mommy has to wear sticky tape at bedtime.

Zander: [still looking a bit worried] ya…

me: the sticky tape helps mommy sleep better!

Zander: ya! sticky tape help mommy sweep be’er!

i’ve heard it helps daddy sleep better, too.


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