Haiku Friday: two four three three

don’t know what it is
this number that Zander speaks
it just makes no sense


it’s always the same
two four three three…what is it?
how i wish i knew!

for months, Zander has been repeating this number….2-4-3-3. we don’t know what it is.

sometimes he says it when we are in the living room, dining room, kitchen….where ever…for no apparent reason. but most of the time, it’s when he picks up the clock in his room, or Logan’s room (they have identical clocks). he looks at the clock and says “2-4-3-3!” in this excited voice, like he’s discovered something…or he’s trying to tell us something.

i tell ya, it’s starting to get kinda creepy….is it a date? coordinates? some type of cryptic code? a message from beyond? what. is. it????? i need to know!


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