why i hate catnaps

Logan is currently upstairs in his crib. instead of sleeping peacefully like he normally does during his naptime, he’s screaming his little head off. why? ’cause he took a damn catnap in the car!

we were out running some errands this morning in the other end of town. unfortunately while we were on our way home to have lunch….Logan fell asleep. 10. minutes. from. home!

everytime Logan catches a catnap in the car before lunch, we won’t sleep during his naptime. not sure how 10 minutes can make up for the 2.5 hour nap he usually takes, but somehow he thinks it does.

so now, instead of spending a nice relaxing couple of hours with hubby, we are sitting on the couch trying to watch House on the TiVo while Logan screams bloody murder in an attempt at bribing his way back downstairs. nice.

i swear, i’d be pulling my hair out if i had any!


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