now that’s customer service!

hubby and i went through the drive-thru at McRaunchy’s the other day to get a quick bite to eat (despite the fact that i’m halfway through reading Fast Food Nation…i disgust myself!)

Drive-Thru Lady: [with froggy voice that made you imagine she was a chain smoker] Can I take your order?

hubby: Yes, can I have a 10 piece McNugget meal?

D-TL: You want a Happy Meal?

hubby: No. I want a 10 piece McNugget meal.

D-TL: So that’s a 6 piece McNugget meal. Coke to drink with that?

hubby: Yes, I’ll have Coke with that. But it’s a 10 piece, not a 6 piece.

D-TL: Okay sir. That will be $XX.XX. Please proceed to the 2nd window.

hubby: Uh. Could I complete my order first?

D-TL: What else would you like?

hubby: A Big Mac meal with Coke to drink please.

D-TL: Okay sir. That will be $XX.XX. Please proceed to the 2nd window.

we get to the 2nd window. this woman appears to be 60-65 years old, and cranky as the day is long.

D-TL: $XX.XX please.

hubby hands over the cash. we get the bag, and are still waiting on the drinks.

hubby: Check what’s in the bag…just in case.

me: [after rummaging through the bag] Uh. We only got a 6 piece nuggets.

hubby: [sighing with frustration] We got a 6 piece when we ordered a 10 piece.

D-TL: I’m sorry sir. I didn’t once here you say 10 piece!

WHAT???????? This lady must have been on crack!

hubby: I ordered a 10 piece. I said it more than once when I was ordering. Can I please have my 10 piece please?

D-TL: [talking to someone else in the restaurant] This guy says he ordered a 10 piece!

we did end up getting our 10 piece, but that was just ridiculous! maybe Miss Drive-Thru Lady should get a job where she doesn’t have to deal with the public, orders of any kind…numbers! of course, i’ve gotta say i would be cranky too if i was working the McDonald’s drive-thru at that age!


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