one of those days

yesterday was one of those days…you know those days…the days where everything seems to go wrong, especially the little things…

like when it seems that your children must hate each other with a passion the way they are pushing and shoving and kicking and punching and screaming at each other….

like thinking today is the day that your youngest son won’t dump his plate at lunch like he does every. single. meal. but, true to form, he dumps his lunch half on the table, half all of the floor. and just to add that special Logan-touch, he dumps his cup of water all over himself and starts laughing.

like when you offer your oldest son his fave fruit…pretty much the only fruit he will eat right now…and he gets all excited and you go to the kitchen to find that your are all. out. of. apple-mango.

like when you start to pull the plastic off of your fresh-from-the-microwave frozen dinner (ya, that’s all i have the energy to make myself for lunch…yum) and instead of coming off in one piece like it’s supposed to, the stupid plastic comes apart in strips, covering your hands and your counter top with scalding-hot no-name mock alfredo sauce…ya, that really pissed me off!

like when you finally get your first pee-break of the day, only to realize there’s no TP…and the only other people in the house are two napping toddlers and you have to resort to using your oldest son’s Pampers Kandoo flushable wipes…at least i left the bathroom feeling fresh…

to top it off, i had some kind of monster headache. the kind of headache that makes you walk around with a hood over your head to shield your eyes from the seering-hot-pain that is daylight, making you look all Unibomber, all the while being tempted to drive a screwdriver through your right eye and into your brain…and maybe wiggle it around a bit.

here’s hoping tomorrow is better…


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