the best birthday gift money can’t buy

i thought the loot i got for hubby was pretty stellar this year…little did i know i would be out-done by my 2.5 year old just hours after the gift-giving.

the boys were bathed and pajama’d…as usual we put Logan in bed first, but not before getting goodnight kisses from momy, daddy and big brother. then we took Zander into his room to put him to bed….

me: “can mommy get hugs and kisses?”

Zander: “yup!” [Zander gives me a super tight smile-inducing hug] “wuv you!”

hubby and i looked at each other….unsolicited, Zander has never said i love you. we usually have to ask him “can you say i love you?”.

then it was daddy’s turn for hugs.

me: “can you say happy birthday to daddy?”

Zander: “ha’a birfday!”

hubby: “thank you” [hubby squeezes Zander tight] “i love you so much”

Zander: “wuv you too!”



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