what dat noise?

Zander’s latest ism is to ask “what dat noise?” everytime he hears the tiniest of sounds….when the dishwasher comes on….when Logan coughs….when the floor creaks….when the tires of our car drive through water….when my joints make those nasty cracking sounds….everytime there is a sound of any kind, he asks this same question. over and over. all. day. long.

don’t get me wrong. though it can be irritating at times, it is yet another one of those Zanderisms that makes him the funny little boy i love so much.

the other night we were getting the boys out of the bath and ready for bed. i had taken Logan into his room to get him moisturized and in his pajamas. Carlos was still drying Zander off in the bathroom…i could hear them chatting in there. all of a sudden i heard a familiar sound.

Zander: [inquiring rather loudly] what dat noise?!?

Carlos: [through tearful laughter] daddy tooted.

Zander: yup!
comic relief is always welcome here in the monkey house.


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