Haiku Friday: the curse of the right-hand thumb

i’ve been gone for days
not even one word written
no posts to be seen

reared its ugly head
the curse of the right-hand thumb
pain and discomfort

ya….remember when i was painting my backsplash tiles and kitchen cupboards and my right-hand thumb got poisoned by B.I.N. primer? well, the curse is back. i tore the ligaments in my right-hand thumb…right about the time i stopped posting. joy.

now, these two incidents may not seem enough to officially term this a curse. however (and unfortunately), i have torn the ligaments in this very same thumb before. years ago, when i was in college, i caused the same injury to the same thumb….get this….opening a friend’s car door. long story made short, it was a foreign jobby that required you to hold the exterior door handle up as you closed the car door for it to remain locked….i jammed my thumb backward, overextending it and tearing the ligaments. i wore a half-cast for two weeks…which made it really easy to take class notes, since i’m right-handed (please note my biting sarcasm).

fortunately this time i only have to wear one of those fancy neoprene splints…still turns changing diapers into an acrobatic exercise, but much easier to live with.

so there…that’s why i’ve been gone. i can hear you laughs from here…that’s okay…i know you’re laughing with me, not at me…..right?



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