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a break in the silence

i’ve been sitting here trying to catch up on my blog reading, when really i should be in bed getting some much needed shut-eye. priorities, people!

the thing is, it’s easier to read my favourite blogs when all is quiet and there are no little guys interrupting me ever 2 seconds…”mommy? mom? mum? mummy? MOMMY?”…ya, you know how it goes.

anyway, all is quiet in the house when i hear a familiar rumbling. and this familiar rumbling, that is coming from the monitor, makes me smile.

this break in the silence? it’s Logan tooting. actually, i can’t really call it something cute like “tooting”…he sounds like a 300 hundred pound trucker letting one fly! he’s a farter…a farting toddler. Zander toots…Logan farts.

this happens almost every night…and it always makes me smile. ’cause he’s my farting toddler….my Logie.


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why i hate catnaps

Logan is currently upstairs in his crib. instead of sleeping peacefully like he normally does during his naptime, he’s screaming his little head off. why? ’cause he took a damn catnap in the car!

we were out running some errands this morning in the other end of town. unfortunately while we were on our way home to have lunch….Logan fell asleep. 10. minutes. from. home!

everytime Logan catches a catnap in the car before lunch, we won’t sleep during his naptime. not sure how 10 minutes can make up for the 2.5 hour nap he usually takes, but somehow he thinks it does.

so now, instead of spending a nice relaxing couple of hours with hubby, we are sitting on the couch trying to watch House on the TiVo while Logan screams bloody murder in an attempt at bribing his way back downstairs. nice.

i swear, i’d be pulling my hair out if i had any!

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welcome to the monkey house at night

okay…so this is the first time i’m posting a video…hubby and i are kinda sticklers for privacy, so we’ve decided to password protect our videos. so instead of embedding the video, i will give you the link and the password.

nighttime in the monkey house is pretty crazy. the boys get this crazy burst of energy, and either do laps around the house…or this! they were all dressed in their jammies and ready to go to bed, when they decided to dismantle the couch (you will notice the backrest cushions on the floor in front of the couch!) and jump around a bit. enjoy! (btw, the lighting isn’t great in our living room, so it’s a little dim looking, but you can still see what’s going on!)

the password for the video is monkeysandmarbles.

Zander and Logan couch play

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now that’s customer service!

hubby and i went through the drive-thru at McRaunchy’s the other day to get a quick bite to eat (despite the fact that i’m halfway through reading Fast Food Nation…i disgust myself!)

Drive-Thru Lady: [with froggy voice that made you imagine she was a chain smoker] Can I take your order?

hubby: Yes, can I have a 10 piece McNugget meal?

D-TL: You want a Happy Meal?

hubby: No. I want a 10 piece McNugget meal.

D-TL: So that’s a 6 piece McNugget meal. Coke to drink with that?

hubby: Yes, I’ll have Coke with that. But it’s a 10 piece, not a 6 piece.

D-TL: Okay sir. That will be $XX.XX. Please proceed to the 2nd window.

hubby: Uh. Could I complete my order first?

D-TL: What else would you like?

hubby: A Big Mac meal with Coke to drink please.

D-TL: Okay sir. That will be $XX.XX. Please proceed to the 2nd window.

we get to the 2nd window. this woman appears to be 60-65 years old, and cranky as the day is long.

D-TL: $XX.XX please.

hubby hands over the cash. we get the bag, and are still waiting on the drinks.

hubby: Check what’s in the bag…just in case.

me: [after rummaging through the bag] Uh. We only got a 6 piece nuggets.

hubby: [sighing with frustration] We got a 6 piece when we ordered a 10 piece.

D-TL: I’m sorry sir. I didn’t once here you say 10 piece!

WHAT???????? This lady must have been on crack!

hubby: I ordered a 10 piece. I said it more than once when I was ordering. Can I please have my 10 piece please?

D-TL: [talking to someone else in the restaurant] This guy says he ordered a 10 piece!

we did end up getting our 10 piece, but that was just ridiculous! maybe Miss Drive-Thru Lady should get a job where she doesn’t have to deal with the public, orders of any kind…numbers! of course, i’ve gotta say i would be cranky too if i was working the McDonald’s drive-thru at that age!

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4 months

that’s how long we have until we move. we finally got the close date for our new house…February 21st, 2008!

i’m so excited! the last we saw when we drove by the building site, they had dug the huge hole that will one day hold our house, along with the two townhouses that will be attached to us on either side.

we’ve been doing this whole selling-our-house thing and negotiating-for-our-new-house thing for so long…since May! and now we have an actual date to work toward.

our house is sold. we know when we will be handed the keys to our new house. there are just a couple of questions left.

where’d all this crap come from, and how are we going to pack it all????

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one of those days

yesterday was one of those days…you know those days…the days where everything seems to go wrong, especially the little things…

like when it seems that your children must hate each other with a passion the way they are pushing and shoving and kicking and punching and screaming at each other….

like thinking today is the day that your youngest son won’t dump his plate at lunch like he does every. single. meal. but, true to form, he dumps his lunch half on the table, half all of the floor. and just to add that special Logan-touch, he dumps his cup of water all over himself and starts laughing.

like when you offer your oldest son his fave fruit…pretty much the only fruit he will eat right now…and he gets all excited and you go to the kitchen to find that your are all. out. of. apple-mango.

like when you start to pull the plastic off of your fresh-from-the-microwave frozen dinner (ya, that’s all i have the energy to make myself for lunch…yum) and instead of coming off in one piece like it’s supposed to, the stupid plastic comes apart in strips, covering your hands and your counter top with scalding-hot no-name mock alfredo sauce…ya, that really pissed me off!

like when you finally get your first pee-break of the day, only to realize there’s no TP…and the only other people in the house are two napping toddlers and you have to resort to using your oldest son’s Pampers Kandoo flushable wipes…at least i left the bathroom feeling fresh…

to top it off, i had some kind of monster headache. the kind of headache that makes you walk around with a hood over your head to shield your eyes from the seering-hot-pain that is daylight, making you look all Unibomber, all the while being tempted to drive a screwdriver through your right eye and into your brain…and maybe wiggle it around a bit.

here’s hoping tomorrow is better…

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the best birthday gift money can’t buy

i thought the loot i got for hubby was pretty stellar this year…little did i know i would be out-done by my 2.5 year old just hours after the gift-giving.

the boys were bathed and pajama’d…as usual we put Logan in bed first, but not before getting goodnight kisses from momy, daddy and big brother. then we took Zander into his room to put him to bed….

me: “can mommy get hugs and kisses?”

Zander: “yup!” [Zander gives me a super tight smile-inducing hug] “wuv you!”

hubby and i looked at each other….unsolicited, Zander has never said i love you. we usually have to ask him “can you say i love you?”.

then it was daddy’s turn for hugs.

me: “can you say happy birthday to daddy?”

Zander: “ha’a birfday!”

hubby: “thank you” [hubby squeezes Zander tight] “i love you so much”

Zander: “wuv you too!”


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