haiku friday: chunky monkey – humpty dumpty revised

the monkey called Logan, whose nickname is chunky monkey, got himself a big booboo on his forehead…he actually has lines from plastic train track that he fell on! here is the story….the first part in a revised “humpty dumpty” style…the second in haiku, of course….

chunky monkey sat on a wall
chunky monkey had a big bad fall
all of mommy’s kisses and the soothing words she said
couldn’t stop the bumps and bruises from growing on his head

on the couch we were
me and my two monkey boys
comfy and cozy

when to my dismay
so precariously perched
was Logan sitting

up on the couch arm
crouching upon both his knees
completely fearless

his arms were outstretched
attempting to grab hold of
the bookcase beside

all of a sudden
slipping and loosing balance
he began his fall

i tried to catch him
as if it was slow motion
but i was too late

he fell with a crash
face first onto the wood floor
poor little monkey

and on his forehead
from some train track on the floor
dents, bumps and bruises

five minutes passed by
before the screaming was done
and he was okay

i hope that this time
the fall left an impression
was a lesson learned?



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