At Least My Thumb Is Still Firmly Attached

It seems that a few of my bloggy friends are concerned about the state of my thumb. I am glad to report that it is still firmly attached to my hand, and has returned to it’s natural shade of pink. Thank you so much for your concern and well wishes…

I wish I had more good news…unfortunately this is where the story goes downhill…you know…the direction shit runs…like the shit that has been the past few days….the shit that has kept me from posting an update on my thumb so people wouldn’t worry needlessly…

Today was not a good one. Zander’s mealtime struggles have gotten worse. I guess I jinxed myself by talking about his one good meal. So maybe writing of how bad it has gotten will jinx me in reverse….????

With each meal, Zander’s intake has decreased. Today he had 2 ounces of toddler supplemental formula for dinner…that’s all…no solids whatsoever. Meanwhile his 13-months-his-junior little brother happily savoured jarred turkey stew, complete with peas and little bits of potato and carrots, jarred bananas and graham crackers dessert and a few mandarin slices cut into little bits.

My heart swells with pride as I praise one son for trying new foods…new textures…for thriving in a way we never expected when he was born so prematurely….and that same heart breaks for my other son as he struggles with each meal…unable to find joy in eating…screaming as if we are punishing him by trying to feed him…wasting away before our eyes…

I’m being pulled in two completely opposite emotional directions. I feel like I’m being torn in half…right down the middle.

But hey…at least my thumb is still firmly attached….



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7 responses to “At Least My Thumb Is Still Firmly Attached

  1. Kimberly

    Your poor torn up heart! I can’t imagine how many kinds of exhausted you must be right now. Praying for you…and for him. ~hugs~

  2. Karen

    Hoping things go well at your next meeting with the eating team.

    Is he really “wasting away?” or is that your perception of it? Only asking b/c I do know a little boy with severe eating issues and even though he hardly eats ANY food, he’s still growing and is happy and healthy.

    But as a mom, I too would feel like my kid was wasting away if they weren’t eating as much as I wanted them too.

  3. karla

    Oh Cate, I wish there was something I could say, but I have no experience on the matter to back my words, so I will only let you know that there is a whole slew of bloggy buds out there who love you to pieces. That’s gotta count for someting right?

    Hugs and a squeeze.

  4. Amanda

    I so often find myself aching to fix things as I read blog entries. I wish I could tend your hurt and ease his struggle. You are doing a magnificent job! Good news on the thumb….hehehe, thumbs up.

  5. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch

    I’m so sorry it’s so hard.

  6. andi

    I’m so sorry. These eating issues can be so frustrating with the little ones. You wonder what they’re thinking…

    Hope everything improves soon. Oh, and yay for the thumb news!

  7. Queen Heather

    (((HUGS))) Cate. I have no words that would help. Just hugs.

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