Two Pees In A Potty

Make that three pees….three pees in a potty.

After rethinking our potty choice (upon closer inspection, the potty bench had some “features” that weren’t suitable for our boys), we decided upon this plain ol’ potty which was the one I had originally wanted anyway.

Introducing the BABYBJÖRN Potty Chair

It’s a great little potty chair. Colourful for the kids, lightweight, nothing to distract the boys from the task at hand….and best of all, it’s sooo easy to clean.

Yesterday was the first day we tried Zander on the potty. At first he was a little uncomfortable. Imagine sitting on what is basically a hole for the first time. Now imagine Zander squirming from side to side, backwards and forwards, trying to get his bum on “solid ground”. It was all I could do to not laugh out loud!

Once he got in a comfy position, I distracted him by turning the TV on, reading a couple of books to him, and talking to him about the potty. And suddenly he looked down and said “pee”. Never has “pee” sounded so sweet!

The best part for him was helping mommy flush the pee down the toilet…that was a big moment. After washing his hands and returning to the toy-filled wonderland living room, he saw the potty and said “a pee i’ poddy”. So proud, he was.

So the first potty day yielded three pees…three pees in a potty. Not too bad. Hopefully his interest in going on the big-boy potty will not wane.

Who am I kidding…of course it will….



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4 responses to “Two Pees In A Potty

  1. Jennifer Playgroupie

    This is good info to know! We’re a few months away yet, but I know NOT to get fancy gadget potties!

  2. Queen Heather

    Easy to clean is very important in potties. I had one of those slide out the pot kind of ones. Talk about sloshing pee. Ugh. It didn’t last long.

    Glad you found one you like!

  3. moosh in indy.

    I can’t even get one pee in our potty. Stubborn little kid.

  4. Shauna

    Glad you found one that you like – and that Z likes! YAY!

    And Happy belated birthday, too! I think it’s fantastic that you have the same bday as your Dad!

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